The #KeepMoving campaign from Almas is an ode to us all. We, the creatures of the city. This season, when the heat beats down, we won’t stop to sweat. Soft denim in place, T-shirts that get old but we can’t part with, our button downs tied around our waists. We’re all 90’s kids, we’ve got the world beneath our wheels, we’re kind but we’re not naive. Everything about our attitude is real and we’re not shy to show it. 

Our range is created for the urban animal, with footwear that lets you land on your own two feet when you’ve been in the air for a while. This is our statement for the cool, practical, casual clout. Those with big personalities, big dreams, big distances to cover. Your clothes aren’t everything but they are the world’s window into your mind. Let them see that even in stillness, you’re moving.